Chilli Gourmets invites you to a Middle-Eastern inspired feast and celebration of the chilli harvest.

Spurred on by enthusiastic encouragement from my lovely workshop regulars I have taken the leap and will be hosting my first

Pop-Up Restaurant at Claremont Farm on Saturday 1st of September at 7.30pm.

It will be a relaxed and informal evening starting with a Mezze of seven different dishes designed for sharing between six people.

But don't worry if you are just one or two we will make sure you get to share with some other lovely people!

It would be a perfect opportunity to get together with friends, if you are coming with a group let me know

and I will make sure you are all sitting together.

When booking you will be asked to choose your main course and dessert.

I will know which menu you have chosen by your choice of main course, I will e-mail you to confirm.

You will be able to help yourself to any or all of the other accompaniments on the menu and mix it up however you wish! 

There are plenty of vegetarian options on the main menu but there is also a vegan gluten free menu, click on the links below.


I will be using as much local produce as I possibly can like lamb & eggs from Raby eggs, micro-leaves from City Veg, vegetables from Claremont Farm, and Fine Fruits Catering, plums from Ollie's Orchard, spices from Spice Kitchen, together with a myriad of chilli varieties.

Not all dishes have chilli in them, there will be something for everyone!

Katie of Squidges Bakery and Tim of Chilli Stuff Artisan Gelato will be there to serve the fantastic desserts that they have designed.

Bala the Chocolate Cellar has created a little treat of middle eastern inspired Mendiant discs for you to take home

Big thanks to Claremont Farm for hosting this event and for running the Bar for the evening.