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I grow all my chillies on the Wirral down by the banks of the river Dee.  I grow a wide variety of chilli peppers including many that are not readily available in standard commercial outlets. I have carefully selected them both for their beauty and for the subtlety of their flavours and aromas. Whilst chillies always bring some level of piquancy there are a myriad of varieties not widely used or known with their own special characters and savours. As a long term grower I founded Chilli Gourmets to share my enthusiasm for these amazing little plants and their rewarding produce.

All my products are prepared by hand and cooked in small batches.  I use the finest local produce wherever possible such as local plums and apples from nearby orchards.  I use my chillies to help enhance flavour not to dominate and always strive to strike a good balance.  Like all fresh ingredients each chilli pepper has a unique dimension to add to a dish and has to be carefully managed to get a good result.  From the mildest to the hottest chilli peppers are also real superfoods full of vitamin C and with many other health benefits to their name. 


The Chilli Gourmets range has a variety of products with different combinations and levels of piquancy. I always strive to layer my flavours to build really unique preparations that provide taste not just heat. My sauces can be used as everyday condiments, a real change from the humdrum supermarket standards and also as marinades or in stir fries.  My relishes and chutneys pair well with all manner of cheese, cold meats and much more besides! Check out the blog for lots of recipe ideas or come along to one of my classes to learn how to handle the heat!